Health Care Providers Take Advantage of Government Incentives for Meaningful Use of EHRs

There have been many advances in Health Information Technology (HIT) however; many medical institutions and health care providers have been reluctant to move forward in utilizing them. Many providers have chosen to remain paper-based – which can cause a wide range of errors and inefficiencies.In 2009 the federal government decided to promote HIT with the passage of the HITECH Act within the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This act makes incentive funds available to health care providers who begin to utilize a certified electronic health record (EHR), as long as they use it to achieve specific goals, showing meaningful use.Meaningful Use basically means that health care providers have to show significant measurable use of the EHR technology. Just a couple of the ways meaningful use can be shown is through e-prescribing and electronic exchange of health information to improve quality of care. The incentives for meaningful use of a certified EHR are put in place with the desired result of coordinated high quality care for patients.The Department for Health and Human Services recently announced that, through a survey completed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), approximately 81 percent of hospitals plan to implement meaningful use of a certified EHR in order to take advantage of the government offered incentive payments. Of those providers they estimate that 65% will enroll during the 1st stage of the incentive program which takes place in 2011-2012. In addition to hospitals, it is estimated that 41 percent of office-based physicians plan to take advantage of the incentive payments and implement meaningful use of a certified EHR as well.The implementation of certified EHR’s should bring more organization and effectiveness to the way health care is provided today. In the end health care should become more efficient with a better service being for patients.

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Comparing Home Health Care to a Nursing Home

Nursing homes are a necessary part of the health care picture for the elderly. However, we believe in helping people delay or completely avoid the necessity of having to reside in one. Staying with family in comfortable surroundings is usually a better environment for loved ones. In-Home Health Care is a great alternative. Nonetheless, we work with many nursing homes by supplying extra care for loved ones staying there.Quality home care for the elderly provides quality of life to family members needing non-medical assistance in their lives. Professional and trusted home health care for seniors is a calling. Professional in-home health care helps those we love to lead a more fulfilling, healthier, and happier life.It can be overwhelming to care for a loved one. A trusted, bonded and loyal staff can work with you to find and provide the home health care solutions to every situation. Having senior stay in their home can be the better alternative to a nursing home.A good senior home health care organization will help in realizing that when home care is not an option. They will work with you in all settings including assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospice care & hospitals.Nursing homes can be expensive, they may not be the best option for your loved one. Keeping a loved one in their own home with help from a senior day care professional could be better for them.
Better for their self esteem, their self worth and your loved one will be grateful to stay home.
Senior day care and in-home health care will give you the advantage of providing trusted, bonded and loyal care for your loved one.Whether you need part-time companionship or full-time at-home nursing care for any situation ranging from illness, aging, or rehabilitation, find professional home health care group that is committed to finding and implementing home health care solutions that work for you.

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Self Storage Loans and the Small Business Administration

Self storage loans are now being offered through the Small Business Administration and its affiliated lenders. Funding for these small business loan opportunities also increases the ability to refinance in the present-or as time progresses. Prospective borrowers looking to assume the responsibilities of building from scratch, upgrading, and/or remodeling can now take advantage of what the SBA has to offer.Recent developments in a steadily growing market have provided incentives for lenders and loan-seekers alike to capitalize on lower commercial loan rates, as well as many other amenities entailed in these premium packages. Self storage loans, when implemented through these channels, may very well become the investment opportunity of a lifetime.Small business financing of this nature can easily turn into greener pastures. A number of contributing factors have led to the storage industry’s uprising; the most obvious reason is that many Americans have adopted somewhat of a pack-rat mentality and they need extra space to store their wares. The most recent subprime snafu has also led to an increase in downsizing and diminishing additional space, which in turn can benefit those who are seeking self storage loans.While all of this may sound like a walk in the park, the borrowing process does require applicants to possess certain qualifications for each respective loan. Even though more and more lenders are referring to this enterprise as a preferred property milieu, preparing a solid loan request portfolio can make a big difference in getting approved.Having clout and credit is a big plus; commercial loan rates will likely hinge upon overall credit scores. Most lenders will combine that number with each prospective borrower’s business track record, recent personal bank statements and tax returns to determine whether or not any of these SBA affiliated self storage loans are within reach.The SBA urges future borrowers to have all of their ducks in a row to attain expedient approval. Using a business loan calculator will also help to put things into perspective regarding commercial interest rates, monthly payments and additional fees, if any.Current business owners looking to build an additional storage facility will need to provide the same credentials, including a property overview, proposed location, expected occupancy, documented managerial experience in the related field, and a few other details that can be explained in full by a reputable mortgage broker who specializes in self storage loans.Once approved, the benefits of small business financing for first-timers can be invested in a few different areas, including a strategically placed advertising campaign. Marketing the business effectively will likely lead to max occupancy, while simultaneously building a solid foundation in a relatively short period of time.Becoming an established business owner can lead to a variety of other investment opportunities where the commercial loan rates are even more favorable. Truth be told, this particular undertaking is a win/win scenario; the ability to generate revenue via self storage loans provides in part the type of national economic strength needed at the present time, especially in a globalized market setting.Supply side economics is virtually keeping pace with the demand when it comes to independently owned storage facilities; in fact, the larger chains occupy less than 20 percent of the market share. In this case, a business loan calculator can be temporarily replaced by a standard model.The SBA and its affiliates are working feverishly to provide small business financing for those who’d prefer to stay in the black for years to come. Self storage loans are now available in most every state.

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