Want to Know How to Makeover Your Home For Less? Canvas Wall Art Prints

They say a picture paints a thousand words? We agree, and if your talking modern wall pictures for your contemporary home you cant go far wrong than considering a canvas artwork for your living space or office. There are a plethora of canvas art online galleries small and large out there – all of them offering different services at different prices. This article is aimed at providing a balanced view of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of canvases. We hope these somewhat abstract words of wisdom will help you in your quest to choose a great canvas art print for yourself.A canvas print, also known as a stretched canvas or canvas art, is the result of an image printed onto a canvas which is stretched, or gallery wrapped onto a frame and displayed. Many sellers offer canvas art either stretched or unstretched. Stretched canvas takes the hassle out of the process for the buyer. Generally the canvas will be ‘wall ready’ straight out of the shipping box. However often you can save a little bit of cash buy asking for your canvas print to be shipped unframed, your print will probably arrive in a tube and you will then need to hand build a frame before hanging. I would always recommend spending a little extra of your hard earned cash on getting your canvas print framed. This way your leaving it to the experts to do what they do best.Historically reproductions of original artwork have been printed onto canvas for many decades using what’s commonly known as offset printing in the trade. In recent years the industry has exploded with the ever growing popularity of inkjet printers and digital photographic devices. Modern large format printers can print up to huge sizes up to 60 inches in width. This size and scale of canvas printing has meant an almost endless scope for design and decoration of photographic images and artwork. Walk into any contemporary restaurant these days and you can almost guarantee that you will find a huge macro focused image of the chef’s latest culinary delight.The growth of the internet in the digital age has had huge ramifications for the services that canvas art retailers can offer to their customers. Web 2.0 has meant development of many user generated software packages that allow anyone to load up photos, do basic effects to those pictures and reproduce them as canvas art prints. Some online canvas art sellers do nothing else other than produce artwork generated by users of their websites. Others have huge artwork catalogues that can be reproduced ‘on demand’ for customers rather than having to be pre made. We always recommend when considering which company to buy your canvas art from to check their delivery schedules before purchase. Some offer services within 48 hours others 2 weeks! Go for the 48hour option as weeks can often run unto months as the work builds up over busy periods.The process of framing a modern canvas print takes skill and experience to achieve a professional quality finish. Make sure the print is tightly stretched over around the sides of a box stretcher frame when you receive it. Good stretcher frames will be professionally, accurately cut with a sloping profile that minimises contact with the front face of the canvas, preventing the impression marks. Without this slope you may find that over years rather than months the impression marks become so bad as to ruin the actual canvas picture. They should also be adjustable, supplied with tensioning wedges in each inside corner that can be tapped in slightly to allow occasional re-tightening of the canvas. To take the perceived risk out of the ‘buying canvas art’ equation look for sellers that offer no quibble money back guarantees for a period of time after receipt. Not only can you check out the quality against what we recommend in this article but you can also ‘live with’ the canvas wall artwork for a few days to check it matches your wall d├ęcor and contemporary furnishings.So what type of canvas art seller is best I hear you cry? Unfortunately we don’t have a finite answer for that question but we have a few thoughts on things to look out for. Most wall canvas sellers come from a printing background… great you might think, what could go wrong? Well have a think, and look at the actual artwork they have on offer and compare it to other canvas sellers. You will see some similarities as they will probably buy images from stock photography sellers. As a piece of ‘art’ these canvas prints will be worthless over the long term. They lack a little integrity as they wont be limited editions signed by the artist, as there is no artist! Look out for information on artists, limited edition numbers and so forth, this is usually a good sign for the longevity of value for your canvas wall artwork. Make sure your canvas art retailer has one foot in the printing industry and the other dipped into the art world galaxy!

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